Stewards not owners

Watching the news last night gave me so much realization, thoughts running in my mind, so much destruction in the mindanao due to typhoon, and not only the amount of destruction in the infrastructure, but the amount of lives that where lost. Families grieving, hopeless reality and no home to go back to. How prepared can we go when nature is the one who shows his power? how can we prevent raging water from hitting the houses of those poor victims of such calamity? Illegal loggers should realized this damage that they are causing to the environment, together with those miners! the devastation of the typhoon somehow shows the hidden culprit, so much logs in the rivers that came from the mountains, and this logs gave us that reality that when we neglect and salvage nature, destruction happens! Now, we are here in this situation, i really do hope that all of us would have the time to pray for those affected families, to share something to them. Christmas is just around the corner and im sure for many you have more than enough in your pockets, i challenge those reading this blog to give and share to the least. Make your Christmas more meaningful by sharing the spirit of Christmas to the needy. I pray that God will continue to show His grace and mercy to all of us, may we be able to realized that we are mere stewards and not owners!

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