God who is at work

Been doing mission work for quite some time now, but over and over again you have to still be reminded of the basic and cultural realities that every mission area that you visit has, that includes the way you speak and share about the many wonderful, out of this world blessings that God has been giving you, with the great desire to share it, sometimes we forget that they might not be able to understand, and comprehend the might of it.

i`m just so grateful that the Lord has blessed me in ways very different to many, but is it really different to many? or i just appreciate every single move of God in my life? is it out of this world? or i just acknowledge the hand of God working in me? is it to deep a sharing? or just knowing that actually God is the one at work...

what i know is that, in whatever ways or form you say it, for as long as we share the same language of honoring God through the things that He is doing to us, and we share the same culture of wanting to give our all to Him, language doesn`t really matter...

another day, another opportunity to share about Christ!and bring His cause!

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