Leadership is a lifestyle, not a technique

Being in community for a number of years makes me desire to grow everyday in your faith walk with God, but along with it is opportunities of encountering people, brothers and sisters, mentoring them, pasturing them, and giving them nourishment. The greatest part of community is sharing to other people how great God is in your life, and how it manifest.

While we meet and encounter a lot of people everyday, we are bounded by the fact of making ourselves better, and creating ways and technique of doing things, own strategy, ways of making things happen, and a bunch of leadership combination that would be effective and efficient. Well, it is good to always improved ourselves, but we have to also remember, that it is Gods work, and any technique that is not grounded to God manifested through servant hood is all nothing.

Great servant leadership is a lifestyle, it is the way we live our lives and how people sees our life being lived for Him, our devotion, commitment, and conviction makes us a living testimony of God`s might and mercy. Permanence is what we are here for, to make Gods work remain, and be maintained, ministry and community program wont do it by itself, but it is primarily our relationship with people, being personal, and living a life of servant hood while we serve God through His people, that will make His work permanent. A lifetime effect to people! It is not a technique, but a life style.

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