Full Life

Today, i went to the dress rehearsal of reesie for her school Christmas play. She will be amanda, everyday, i would bring her to school, have a long chat in the car answering those questions that sometimes i would think, where did she get those insights! watching her today practicing somehow gave me a very reflective moment, that reesie is growing so fast, that the baby i held in my arms almost 6 years ago is already a big kid. Time flies so fast. We are all aware that life here on earth is just temporary, we are all here just once, and no more 2nd chance. That means, that life should be a well spent life, that in everything that we do, we need to give our utmost best! to make the most of every situation, to know, what is good and what would make the most out of every situation. We only have one life, and what i way to have it by having a well spent life. May today be that day of living a life to its fullest. To recognized that what we have is a gift and a privileged!

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