God with us

How hard is it to be still, be silent, and hear and recognized what God is saying and telling every single day of our lives. I can imagine how it is in the early times, where the surrounding is not yet as noisy as of today, that technology doesn’t stand on our way to open the bible, read scriptures, read spiritual books. I can imagine those days where people would be excited to go to Church fully dressed and excited to hear Gods word.

How privileged it is to experience God in that level. We are living in the modern times, where time is always on the rush, where people are moving here and there to finish commitment, accomplished assignments, fulfill tasked. We are living in times, where career is at the top most of priority. Its seems that we lose the focus of finding God in the things that we do.

But the presence of Christ is not just in those moments where the surrounding in silent, or in events that we have to much, and would eventually run to God. We can make God present in us everyday in whatever we do, allowing her to be at the top most of our priority, and making Him stand out in our lives. Just like what John Bosco said " my work is my prayer ".

Today, at the busiest state of our generation, I challenge you to live out that life, where God is at the very center of the things that we do, today I challenge you to be that light, to seek God, and to be still and silent, to listen and recognized the hand of God at work in your life.

May in that recognition we come to realized that nothing can replace the presence of God in our lives, that no busy schedule, deadlines, commitment to a business partner can ever hinder us in knowing that we have a great God in our midst. We just have to do our part.

May in that silence we find the inner joy of recognizing a life devoted to Him and in Him alone.

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