Life with Him

This morning i got stuck with a line in the song " the one thing i ask, is to be where you are Lord, now and forever ". I realized that we all desire to be with Jesus. Who do not want to enjoy a life with the Lord? I too have that strong desire, but i guess, being with Jesus is not only full of joy and happiness, it also takes courage and glad surrender. When we come to a life with the Lord, there are a lot of things that we have to let go of, not because the Lord wants us to suffer, but because the Lord wants is to experience life to its fullest by having and getting the things that are only essential.To qualify the life that we have, to evaluate the direction that we are taking, to assess the wants and needs that we are wanting. Life has many surprises, and when we rest in Gods mercy and grace, we experience this surprises in many ways and forms. Truly, God knows our deepest desire, and He is always in control. Today, claim this day as a day of Gods mercy and abundance!

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