New Life

I thank the Lord for the gift of new life. It has been almost 7 years of marriage, the past years has been full of Gods abundance and grace. Married life is both exciting and challenging, but i guess, it is that grace from the vocation that you have that would make you surpassed anything. After all, God who is in full control would always make ways to make everything in order. The year is about to end, next year is a new beginning for everyone, for me, it is more exciting and meaningful. We are moving to a new home, and we are expecting a new baby. It is year of faith, i prayed for increase of faith, God is teaching me to trust and surrender to Him, He is the giver of life, the source of all promises, He is the driver of my life, and He is in full control, i cling to Him and His promise! Thank you Lord for the gift of Life!

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