Promise Keeper

God is our great promise keeper. He knows what is inside our hearts, before we ask for it, He already knows it, He is just and all knowing. He can make the impossible possible. The reading today showed us how a worldly impossible reality can turn to a heavenly possibility. The Lord knows what is best for us, He comes in right and perfect timing. It happen to Zechariah and Elizabeth, it can also happen to us. Being barren is not an end to itself, we cannot put God in a box, because His ways are endless. To limit His capacity is infidelity to the one who is all knowing and just.
There is no event or circumstance in our lives that we cannot surpass if God is with us. He is a God of mercy, love and pardon. There is no limit in the amount of giving He can render to us, we just have to remain in Him, faithful, trusting, and obedient to His will. What are events in your life that you experience the hand of the Lord working? In what instance of your life, event, situation that the Lord taught you and remind you of His constant present in your life? How are you today? Are you facing a situation in your life that seems to have no solution? What are Gods providence in your life? What are areas of your life that needed celebration because God has conquered that area of your life? Today, may we all be excited for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ, as we await His coming, may we grow in the process of waiting, patient, hopeful and happy, after all, we are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, the source of all hope, happiness, and the giver of life.

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