In the Brink

It has been years of experiencing the fullness of life in the work that i have ever wanted to have, work that you cannot consider work at all, where you are surrounded by people who shares the same passion and desire, and that is to give our utmost best in the service that you do. It is full abandonment of self, and total commitment that He would always be in control. But along with that call is a reality, that we have to deal with the demand of life and the decision that you do, most often than not, decision that would affect the kind of disposition and life that you have. Sometimes, i would caught myself asking, is this still the road you want me to take Lord? is this still the venue where i would give my all, or is my call now is to share Jesus, and speak about Him in a different arena? Courage i guess plays a big part in any decision that we do, trusting and obedience makes up its totality. That when you finally make a decision to move on, and rebuild His kingdom in different arena, you have that guts to jump, to trust, to step out of your boat, and believe, that there is a whole wide world waiting for His word to be heard through the witnessing that we do. Now, whether i stay, or move, i still not certain, what i know is while i do what i do today, i will give my utmost best, for my Lord deserves more that my 100%.

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