We are all called to Live Pure I was given a chance to give a talk and sharing in the Live Pure Conference. Amazing to see 3000++ youth from all over the country taking part in such great call to live a life of chastity. Often times, when we heard the word chastity, we think of stuff that is connected to sexual wrong doing, while it is very much part of it, but we have to see deeper the call to chastity, choosing between good and evil, it is the exercise of the will to say no to things that is not of God, sexual wrong doings, the way we treat people around us, and the way we enjoy pleasure at the expense of the other. Chastity is the way to become holy, to be that person that God has intend us to be. I realized that the Lord is giving us the vehicle to be His. To follow and live out His presence in us. The Lord created us to become good followers of Him, that we may be able to see to each other the promise that the Lord has intended for us. The good that we have in us as His children. And in that realization, we get to show and share to other people that Jesus is also present in their lives. We have a call, and that call is to follow and live out the values and teachings of Jesus. We are faced with a troubled world who longs to experience joy, happiness and contentment. No where we can find that in the world, for the world will teach us many things that will lead to greediness and satisfaction at the expense of the other, no wonder why there is so much poverty in the world today, because we have forgotten to care for each other. Only in Jesus we can find true joy and happiness, and one of the vehicle is chastity, to not rush the plan of God, to be patient, and to be content, to recognized what He did for us, and to share it to others. Chastity frees us from a possible bondage to sin and slavery. Chastity is the way to a more Holy life, with God at the very center of it.

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