God`s greatest gift, my privileged!

It has been a wonderful day so far, though it`s extremely hot here in Palawan, but compared to the heat that im feeling inside because of God, it overcomes the heat of the place.

over the years, God`s greatest gift to me, is the gift of mission, seeing and knowing people who desires, and carries the same cause of living out and proclaiming Jesus to the whole world. i think more than anything else, God`s mission should always be at the number 1 slot, and all the rest follows, focus on God should always be at the number 1 slot! i always believed in that principle, for if you are right with God, and you make your relationship with Him grow, all of the other part of your life will be blessed, and will fall on its proper ways.

i`m just grateful, and at the same time overwhelmed by how God has been moving and working to me through the people that i`m working with and people that i meet and talked to every single day of my life..

so blessed!

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