Since we arrived last night here in Canada, we have a good variety of food already, the past 24 hours is all about food!

Last night we ate chinese food (which i think is always part of any north america mission), you won`t believe how people here grave so much on chinese food! beef, fried noodles, and of course the famous fried rice. Then bacon in the morning, yummmy!i tell you, bacon here in canada and the US is the best!the oil and the taste of it makes you want to eat more, and orange juice at the side. Canada is all about TIM HORTON, you can`t be and leave Canada without tasting the famous ICE CAP coffee, and we just did!yum! and the A&W root beer, burger and fries!the best!well, considering that we are here just for 24 hours, we have tasted some real canadian food.

Now we have to watch on our diet, 29 more days to go...oh men!

Fats!go away!


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