Building for Jesus

We are in the business of loving people. We are in community because the Lord gave as the opportunity to experience life with Him, life that is live to the full. John 10:10 says, I have come to give you life, life in abundance, life to the full. We are called to experience life to its fullness. But life without God can never be called life. Life with God means life of following His will for us, following His commandment, that is to love Him, and to love our neighbor. CFC FFL WWP is called to share Jesus amongst the poorest of the poor through its program for a sustainable community as a concrete way of loving God and neighbor. Through the service of brothers and sisters in community, we where able to help one another in the different program that we have: Shelter, Health, Environment, Education, Livelihood and Community life. One significant effort that we are doing in the site is the development and construction of houses for brethren in the RV site. This summer has been a great opportunity for members of community to take part in the different build, building houses for the families, and school for the kids of the site, brothers and sisters who are doctors and medical practitioners also took part in the medical mission, while CFC brethren in the chapters serve in giving pastoral formation program for the beneficiary. Those who love the Lord, loves to give. The service that we are doing in every RV site is an opportunity to grow in that desire to bring Jesus to the least amongst us. Not only that we where able to help them, but they also helped us to be good stewards of the gift the Lord has blessed us with. In that recognition of Gods grace and goodness, we get to share what we have to the less fortunate brothers and sisters. That way, we get to share our desire and prayer, that one day, no one will be in need.
May we be able to truly share Him to others, especially the poor and the needy.

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