When it rains, it pours

Blessings comes like a rain, it comes naturally, and when it comes, it pours. I remember the many things God has blessed me with, looking back, and up here in the present, I feel tears in my eyes everytime I was reminded of the many things God is doing for me, from the very first day that I have felt Him working in my life in my youth camp, to becoming missionary, to knowing my vocation in life, to raising a child, everything is just overwhelming. His ways and manifestation everyday makes me more and more be grateful to God.

He is a God that knows our greatest and deepest desires. He is a God that delights when we acknowledge the many things He is doing for us. He is a God who never stops to give, even if it pains Him. Remember the Calvary story? The dying, so that we may gain everything. That is how God gives, and how He blessed.

May today be a recognition of that blessing. In that recognition we see that truly when it rains, it pours, when He blessed, He give His all!

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