Wonders of His love

A lot of times I would reflect and be awed by the many wonderful things God is doing in my life, at the same time be overwhelmed by how He teach me, and carry me when I fall short of what He is expected on me.

I was reminded over and over again of the agape love God has gave to us, sending His own Son, so that we may live a life of abundance and grace, and even to the point of making His own Son as the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy salvation that He himself design for all. This are events, situation, and reflection, that made me more and more be grateful of the wonders of His love for you and for me.

He is a God that never stops to love and care, even initiating the first move so that we may have that long and lasting relationship. We are blessed that we have a God who never stop to love, and manifest His love in a lot of ways.

May we be awed and be grateful of that love, for everyday that love manifest in us, may we be sensitive in acknowledging the many wonders God is doing in our lives, and while we received that love, be awed by it, and be overwhelmed , may we be bearers of that love too, by being Jesus to others!

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