Being radical for God is what i have witness today, its always a blessing to be with young people, to experience how they share their love of God through the actions and life that they give and live. I remember the very first time the Lord has called me to be part of His work, 19 years ago, the Lord led me to a life that is devoted and dedicated to Him. Very much remember the many places, instances, and events that the Lord has blessed me with as i go on mission for Him.

Being radical is not only the amount of giving that we do, but also the amount of doing that we live! we are called to be radical in our faith, to be vocal, and bold in the way we live our lives for Him.

Our greatest challenge is to remain in Him, and by doing so, our lives becomes a symbol of how it is to live lives that is committed to Him. The way we deal with people, walk our talks, fair in views and opinion, and never compromising of what we believed in as far as are faith is concern leads us to that kind of life, and hopefully by doing so, others would be enlightened and affirmed!

We are called to be radical, to remain in Him, for we belong to Him. Jesus has showed us what radicalism is, it is up for us to bring that being radical in are day to day life!

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