The desire for Pentecost

Reading today made me realized that ultimate conversion of the disciples, from a bunch of coward individual, to a convicted, passionate and dedicated few who stands for what is right, and true.

Looking around we see difficulties, fears, frustrations, we see lives who seems to be troubled, poverty from here and there, sometimes you wonder, why bad things happen to good people, you watch the news you see chaos happening from this part of the world to another. Poverty is at its peak, seeing more people who do not have houses of their own, kids not even have the means for a pair of slippers, and food to eat in the table, and out of desperation, parents opting to do unnecessary things just to have something for the family.

We are called to be radical in our faith, just like how the apostles live their lives, we have to encounter that pentecost, to start speaking and living out that faith. To share and to give what is due to the least of our brethren, and to live a life dedicated and committed to God, knowing that He is the source of everything. To never stop to seek and discover.

We can make things happen if we are grounded with God, if we remain in HIm, the one true source of real hope, joy and peace!

May todays encounter of the Cross in the road bring us more realization that would lead to boldness and courage in this troubled world!

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