The Call to Love

Have you ever experience seeing kids selling sampaguita in the street? or kids knocking at the doors of your car? or those who volunteer to clean your wind shield? i wonder whats your emotional approach when it comes to these people, a lot of times, or you would say the greater majority most likely your irritated, i myself would be that way, if not all the time, most of the time. But what thus God telling us about loving? sometimes we tend to forget, and not realized that those people deserves the best of us, and the amount of giving the Lord gives to us, should also be the amount of loving that we share to everyone, especially those who are deprived, or those who are not receiving what is due of them.

We are called to be brothers keepers, and that statement is not only for those who smells nice, who wear nice clothes, and ride good cars, and belongs to multinational companies, but more so, to those who are in the street, in areas that seems like God is not existing. We are called to be brothers keepers, we are all children of God, and what the Lord has design of us is for us to be that person to others.

Let us recognized God`s goodness in us by sharing what we have, let us be grateful of what we have by acknowledging that it came from God, and having realized that, having that desire to share it to those who are least.

May todays encounter of Jesus be of giving and loving!

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