Kingdom Living

Now a days, a lot of people are into real estates, Every time you go to the malls, visit a supermarket, and to business establishment, you would see people looking, or viewing houses, and since, it is in Metro Manila, it is either, a hi rise, or a mid rise type of house.

Together with the packaged are the different amenities on it, swimming pools, play ground for kids, a park with different tress and flowers, gym for those who are living a healthy lifestyle, places for games and recreation. All of these, as part of the over all packaged. Wow, I can imagine how comfortable it is, how convenient, and how posh it is to live in a place that has all this, I can imagine the morning and the night seeing and living in such wonderful place.

All of these are earthly wants and privileges, have you ever thought or imagine how it is to have a kingdom living? Have you ever imagine enjoying that heavenly amenities and facilities, prepared by the one mighty God, have you ever imagine, waking up and ending the day in that kind of surrounding and environment, where there is loving and giving, sharing and caring, have you ever imagine, how life would be, having no one in need, where blessings, abundance, and generosity is shared by all to all. Have you ever imagine how it would be?

We have a choice, today, you can have that kind of privileged, today you can have that kind of pleasure and joy, today you have that opportunity to live to that kind of environment. We just have to make a choice, a solid conviction, and a strong commitment. We can make it happen, we just have to live out a lifestyle of faith, hope and loving. May today be the start of living in Christ, and for Christ.

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