Restored in Christ

We are all sinners, we fail and fall short of what God has expected of us, but being in Christ in community gave us the opportunity to be reminded of the repentance that God made available for us.

When we are called to live a life that is for Him, He also allowed us to reflect and repent to a
life that is totally devoted to Him, life that makes Him the center of everything.

The Luke 13:1-9 reminded us of that cause and opportunity, and great privileged, to be invited to be His friend, he has given all chances to us to make our lives right and better. We all have our own mistakes, some are big mistakes, while others are small mistake, but Jesus doesn’t qualify the greatness of your sin, or how little you sin, He accept us in anyway and everyway, for us long as we repent! Luke 13:5 “ if you do not repent, you will all perish as they did “.

The Lord has given us all chances to be with Him and for Him, we are called to respond, and embrace the opportunity to live a life that is totally devoted to Him, for us to never stop in making our lives pleasing to God, and leading other people to a life that is devoted to Him.

May we always have a repentant heart, acknowledging our mistakes and shortcomings, assured that we have a God who is always and forever willing to listen, hear and forgive the many infidelities and shortcomings we face everyday of our lives.

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