He is in Control, All the way

Yesterday i was supposed to go to cebu, for some reason, flight was delayed several times, ending up that i rebooked my flight to another day. I was supposed to have meetings, that eventually got cancelled due to unforseen situation.

Sometimes its hard to make those calls and decision, in moments that you are into going or not, saying yes or no, doing it or not, you rely on your guts whether the decision is right or wrong. But i guess at the end of the day, it is how you seek Gods way and enlightenment, decision might be a bad decision, or wrong decision, but since things already happen, its up for you to charge it to experience, and hoping that you have grown along the way.

Life is full of learning curves, you never stop to learn and grow, for as long as your desire is to bring Christ, and recognized Him all the way, its always a joy to encounter Him along the way.

He is always in control!

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