Wedding Day

I always claimed that God would provide, that He knows the deepest desire of our hearts. But sometimes, it takes that experience for us to believe that such miracle can actually happen and that God moves in many mysterious ways. Seven years ago I claimed Gods promise to me, my vocation of marriage. I can still remember the joy and excitement and the assurance of a hopeful future ahead. I am a typical person that wanted to have a perfect wedding day, I share the same desire as my wife grace. Being in community gave me that opportunity to have many people who greeted, prayed and celebrated with us in that very special day/moment. But together with knowing a lot of people are the challenge of inviting them all in the wedding day, given the point that you want to invite the people that you know and close to you. I remember the message of the Lord to me in 1993 when I entered this community, that He will take care of me and that He will provide, I offered to God this petition together with so much more for the wedding, the bridal car, the hotel, the honeymoon and the life after. I realized that all this desires are taken cared of by God. Let me share to all of you parts of my wedding where God has showered us with so much abundance. When we said yes to God in claiming our vocation we literary have nothing, no savings, no wedding funds, no funds coming from both parents, all we have is the promise of God and the trust that this is what the Lord wants and we are just claiming it. Being in missionary work and life has led us to this state of heart that in everything that we do we put our trust in God, but at the same time do our part. What we did is simplified life, if we wanted to have our dream wedding we need to sacrifice, part of the effort to simplify is no starbucks, no movies, no expensive stuff that we don’t need, no eating out, or at least minimized it, no taxi, instead ride the jeepney or bus. All of those we did to save and offer to the Lord this preparation for that special day, I remember praying to the Lord for providence, I prayed that we get to invite family and friends who are dear to us, I remember praying for funds to pay the food for the wedding, I remember praying for blessing for a lifetime in marriage. God did provide, I was able to save a little, blessed with people who shared their blessings and gift to us, fortunate to have invited more than 300 guest. We ended that day free from all worries of things to be paid, we where able to pay the caterer, got the best hotel and have it paid, we where able to pay the bridal car, booked a honeymoon stay in Hong Kong, and got the best house for us after. Everything has been arranged, not according to our plan but to His. What then is the miracle here? It is that assurance that everything is well taken cared of to those who trust and believe in Him. That we can have the best wedding without spending so much but just relying to what is essential, after all, it is the vows that is important and all the rest is just part of the whole process. But even with that desire for simplicity, God has showered us with so much and in abundance. God knows our deepest desire, may we learn to share it to others by first realizing that God indeed is providing.

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