Serving Others

We are recipient of extra extraordinary service. Jesus has showed us how it is to be selfless in the way we relate with others. That if we want to follow the way of Jesus we must know how to deny oneself and take up our Crosses. We are called to total self giving. That those who want to serve will be the least amongst them, that those who are first should be last, that those who wants to serve must be willing to wash feet of others. This is the kind of service Jesus is teaching and challenging us to do. Total self giving. We look around and we see many faces and needs that needed to be addressed. Poverty from one end of the corner to another, we have seen oppression here and there, we have seen many who was neglected of what they deserve, basic needs. Jesus has challenge us to do to others what we want others to do to us. This is the same statement that I believe should motivate us in are everyday life encounter. We are brothers keepers and it takes that realization that we have receive something and in that realization we get the motivation to share and give what we have. To serve others especially the needy. What are opportunities of service that you encounter in your day to day life? It would be good to reflect on this one knowing that probably someone beside us needed that kind of service that would make him or her to once again experience Gods presence in his/her life. We are called to always be of service to other, we are recipients of this kind of service, may we ought to share this to others.

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