At Home with Jesus

Being a family man, one of the greatest desire/dream that we have is to have our own home. A place that we can call ours. I have that desire since the very first day I got married, I claimed that one day I will have my own house, where the kids wont have the trouble of moving from one place to another, a place that they themselves can call their own. But there is one reality that makes this desire somehow unimaginable, I realized that I am a missionary, and the amount of pay I got is non traditional, if others have 14th to 15th month of pay, I don’t, if others have a regular increase in their salary, I don’t, if others have performance bonus, I don’t, if others have a traditional salary, I don’t, that makes the whole thing difficult. One time, I was sent on mission to Batanes, I caught myself rekindling this dream, the beauty of Batanes somehow gave me the luxury to dream and rekindle the hope of having a my own home. I started to pray again, I realized that the dream has not actually gone away, it is there, it is just that I was to caught up with reality of the impossibility. I went around looking from one house to another, excitement after excitement, frustration after frustration, until I somehow told God, Lord, if it is your will, then, So be it. If in your time I will have a house of my own, it will happen despite the impossibility and reality that I have. One day after a very long time of waiting, my agent phoned me telling me that there is a new development that he is very sure that I can afford. God came in a moment that He knows we are ready, that life is more simple so that we can provide and support financial obligation readily. We decided to push through with the house and decided to simplify life even more. And true enough, the Lord gave us the house that we always prayed for. Now we are residing on our won house. The miracle happen not just in the impossibility, but in the willingness to surrender to Him believing that He will give to us what is due of us all in His time. Patience and trust is everything. We are called by God to believe that nothing is impossible to Him. Whether it’s a home, a car, healing or whatever that is, if we ask Him with purity and sincerity of heart, It will happen. I believe in that, and I know that being a missionary is not a limitation in achieving the dreams that you aspire for, for as long as you never forget the source of all. God is calling us and challenging us to remain in Him.

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  1. God knows the recesses of our hearts pat... even the innermost desires and wants. and in His infinite wisdom, gives it to us at the perfect time. He alone knows when... all He asks is for us to nurture and hold on to every dream, every desire and to fervently pray for it. Congrats on the new "home". God bless!