Stepping out of the Boat

How many times you felt that you are like stepping out of your boats? Or was ask to step out of your boats? Im so sure you still remember the story of Peter, being in a boat under a very stormy weather condition, and seeing Jesus at the far end of the sea, approaching the boat and walking on water. I can imagine the frightening moment of the 12, and Peter too, but I can imagine the words that Jesus said to Peter, and the call to also walk with water.

Comfort zones are our own boats, we all have our boats, boats that makes our life comfortable, boats that we cant let go because of the many perks that it gives, boats that make our life easy and light. But sometimes if not all the time, we have to step out of our boats, to have a walk with Jesus, to just believe that we can actually do it. To realized, that after all we have Jesus by our side to pull us up when we drown or fell down. Just like what He did with Peter. But at the same time, to never doubt on God`s capacity to make wonders out of us.

You want to get what you desire and pray for? Get out of your boat, walk on water, and experience the mighty presence of God in your life. Today, you have the opportunity to do that, are you up for the challenge? Or will you just stay inside your boats?

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