Gift of Life

Today we are celebrating the the first birthday of my second daughter, on a typical birthday, it would probably be a big celebration. But, how do we qualify BIG? is it the amount of food to it? expensive place where you celebrate a birthday? amount of people attending or those invited? or the whole idea of just coming together as a family, celebrate we love and thanksgiving? The past months has led me to this realization. That life is simple, that life is not complicated if we know how to deal with it. last december, i attended a very simple birthday celebration that led me to many realization. In that birthday, the whole family gathered, with a simple cake, ice cream, and a good amount of food, no funfare, no creative stuff, purely celebration. It made me realized, that after all, birthdays are times where you recognized and celebrate, im not saying that big parties are bad, all im saying is that we can celebrate life without it. At the end, it is the time of that day that you recognized the beauty and gift of life. Happy Birthday Gia, you are a blessing to me, if only you would realized the amount of faith you thought me, i will forever me grateful that God has given you to us. I will forever thank God for the gift that you are to us.

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