There is always that call to sacrifice

Missionary work is such a blessing, everyday, you get to have that actual encounter with Jesus through the people that you serve with, at some point, it is very ideal, just like a basketball player you get paid for playing basketball. I feel blessed to have a work or service that i do everyday that i love the most. But together with this gift of mission are the many call to sacrifice, first i guess is the call to simplicity, that you get to decide to lower your standard of living without depriving yourself of what is due of you in accordance to how God wanted you to live your life, best example is taking a 3 in 1 coffee instead of buying a 90/cup worth of coffee. There is sacrifice for everything, and reality is that, everyday, we offer those little sacrifices to attain life to its fullest, ironic? it may sound very ironic, sacrifice to appreciate fullness in life, yes, it is in the beauty of sacrifice that we get to appreciate and value what is essential, to be grateful of what we have, and to be mindful of our blessings so that we too can be blessings to others. Today, i decided to offer some more my personal sacrifice for the service and life i have chosen, today, i remind myself that all the sacrifice are all worth it, today, i affirm myself that truly, God will never stop to give to us what is due of us, reason? because He loves us.

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  1. love the declaration pat... God truly is good. i too pray that i can make the same declaration sometime soon. seeing you all (fulltimers) happy with your work makes me envious of that happiness written all over your radiant faces. for now, i just accept the Lord's leading in my life and fervently pray and look forward to the day that i too can give my time fully for His greater glory. God bless pat...