More to This Life

Everyday we are called to perform the daily duties that we do in life. Many would go to work early in the morning, doing their respective duties, while others would bring their kids to school. Some do bank errands, while others work on their business plan. Everyday, we are called to perform duties and responsibilities, part of the everyday life, and decisions we make in our life. But is this what life really means? busy work load, errands, business meetings, obligations, etc. Where is God in all this? is He still present and alive in your life? is He part of your meetings, errands, and duties that we do everyday? Today is a good assessment of where God is in your life, at the same time a challenge to make God present in the everyday life that we have. We are called to live a life that is devoted to HIm, Our commitment to Him is not defined by the kind of mood, situation, or events that is happening in our lives. We are called to live by Him in whatever event or issue we face, after all, we are called to be His.

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