Philippine Election

We are into a very big fight this coming monday here in the Philippines, but all at the same time a BIG opportunity for the country who has been deprived of what is due to him and to his people an opportunity to have a glimpse and hope of a new morning after may 10.

We are at the tip of not only getting a President who is not corrupt, but a President who cares for the people, not just on the money side, but also and the most important of all is the MORALITY side. We are not only electing a President who is equipped, but a President who stood i high moral ground on the principle that is founded on Christ teaching.

Godbless the Philippines, and we hope and pray, that come May 11, we open our eyes and wake up, seeing a President who first and foremost love Christ, and stands for the cause of LIFE.


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  2. Praying with the multitudes of Filipinos for a peaceful election!

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