Best Version of Yourself

The challenge to be great and good in what we do makes us eager to bring out the best in us.

Those in the corporate workplace would work for more than 8 hours a day just to hit that career position that everyone is aspiring for, a real estate agent would stay late up at night, go site visit, and stand in malls and street giving pamplets just to hit that quota and commission that comes along with it, a call center agent would be willing to change system in life, making day a night and night a day just to get that compensation. But is this what life is all about? Is everything bounded by the fact that we have to aim high and achieve goals, money, fame and fortune?

The big minority, the poor and the marginalized seems to be missing a lot of things, not because the Lord has forgotten to provide for them, but because some who have so much is busy to have much, and in that rat race in life has forgotten that commitment we have for each other as brothers and sisters, while the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer.

Don’t get me wrong, working hard is fine, high compensation because of a great work, excellent project is very much outstanding, but where is the mistake here? If we forgot that we ought to share what we have, that reality shows us that not everyone is achieving what we are achieving.

You want to be the best version of yourself? Start by acknowledging what you have, be grateful, appreciate, and in that appreciation and realization, share. When we know how to share and be appreciative of what God has provided, more and more we would see that truly, He is an abundant God.

I challenge you today, you can be the best version of yourself, you can start and decide to love and share today.

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