We need Hearts

Serving the poor entails a lot of giving and sharing. A lot of times it is associated with money. While money is one of the component of the work that we are doing to finish infrastructure and run programs, money is just one of the aspect that plays a minor role in the whole process, it is not what being and serving with the poor is all about. Serving the poor needs a lot of heart, heart that never ceases to love and care, heart that never stops to understand and listen to the cry of individual.

“To be present, available and be involve in the life of every family, in every depressed community”. Heart is more important than money, heart can bring us to places and circumstance that might be inconvenient for us, having a heart for the poor give us selfless giving and sharing on time and resource. We are called to understand the plight of the poor, and only by heart that we will get to understand where they are coming from, their realities, fears, and situation in life.

We are called to share what we have, by recognizing the many blessing the Lord has bless us with, only in that realization that we get to share what we ought to share to those who are of need, and in this realization, we get to understand, that we are all called to be brothers keepers.

We all have something to give, money should not limit is in the way we give, at the same time, it should not be a hindrance for us to share by heart what the Lord is asking of us, to love the poor, and to care for them. After all, it not about the money, but its all about the heart.

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