All for His sake

We are all called to manifest God in us. Whether we are a missionary, religious, married, or an ordinary person who works from 8am to 5pm job. Whatever circumstance we are in, intrinsically since we are Gods people we manifest, or should manifest God in us. The way we live, the way we speak, and the way we carry ourselves must or should reflect God in us.

We are living in a challenging times, everyday we witness how cruel this world has become, ambitions, fame, and fortune, always up for grab, sometimes, even at the expense of others. We forget the reason for our existence, we forget the original intent God, to be brothers keepers, to live, so that others may have, I remember the early communities of disciples where no one is in need, where everyone is sensitive to the needs of the others, where resources is for all.

This is the kind of heart I believed Jesus wants for His people, the kind of loving , giving and living, where everyone receives and get what is due him. Where no one is deprived and in need. This sound very material, but what Jesus particularly saying is the the liberation from the poverty of spirit.

Ive always believed that once a person is spiritually rich, he sees every circumstance as a gift, and upon seeing it, because it is to much of God`s grace, the natural way of doing or reaction is to share it to others. The life that it is before.

To date, we might not be seeing this anymore, were greed, corruption, and ego is at its prime, but today also, we can make a difference, if only we realized that what every we have is His, and whatever we gain is His.

May today be a sharing of that gift, may you be a blessing today, sensitive in the leading of His spirit.

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