Still young at 32

Turning 32 made me more and more think and realized many wonderful things Jesus has blessed me with, the mountain top moment, valley moments, the highs and the lows that comes along 32 years of growing in my appreciation of the things the Lord has blessed me to have and encounter, from being a lay missionary of 12 years, to going all over the Philippines and the world, from the experience of one culture to another, and the network of friends all over the world.

I thank the Lord for the life He has privileged me to lived, from having a very loving wife and daughter, to a supportive family, a community that never stopped to teach, guide, and affirm, and for the many years of building and discovering true friendship amongst peers, and people i served.

Turning 32 after all is not about the figures, or the idea of growing old, but a reminder of the journey that had past, and affirmation of what is to come. My 32 years made me feel younger, ever vibrant, grateful, and never wanting to stop to share Jesus to others.

Thank you so much for all who remembered, sent their greetings, and wishes, and to the many people who never stopped saying prayers, and giving wonderful words of love and affirmation. Im just overwhelmed and grateful!

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