Living the Life

Started the day early, breeze walking and few kilometers of run, it was a good morning with the perks of seeing the beautiful creation of God. Sometimes we need this kind of break, when we are reminded of the true sense of life away from the pressure, demands, and challenges that we face everyday. After all, we are born and created to enjoy every single event and situation of the life that we have. I realized that true service with the Lord will bring you to a very special relationship with Him manifested in the way you respond and appreciate the things God is doing in your life. The Lord wants us to experience the best, and in life, we go through its ups and lows, but in every season of life, God never and will never leave us. This morning i was reminded of that, to continue to run and enjoy the beauty of the race, to focus on the true source, and to respond knowing that He is in full control. Today, i encourage you to seek Him more, listen to His voice, find Him in every situation you are in, and recognized and acknowledge that we have a God who is mindful of are well being. Its a great day! enjoy it!

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