On Mission

Just landed here in Seattle, USA for a 3 week mission. Long flight actually, but thinking about it, it is really a blessing and great privileged to be sent on mission. The perks of doing Gods work is you get to experience the best accommodation ever, the people that you meet and the places that you see. Life really is not about money and the leisure it can buy, for me, even without it you can experience what other who has are experiencing, in doing Gods work, you are rich in many ways and forms, in doing Gods work, you get to experience bounty and richness in a very different way, yet very perfect in the way it is given and presented. I just thank the Lord for the gift of mission, community and the experience that the Lord has made me see and witness. Mission truly is Gods gift. Today, may you experience that bounty that the Lord is presenting, we all have a mission, and in this mission we are called to not only share, but grow in that experience so that others may experience it too through us and in us.

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