He is alive

It has been a wonderful weekend. I thank the Lord for the great opportunity to serve here in the USA for CFC FFL, truly a blessing to be an eyewitness to the many miracles that is happening in the lives of brothers and sisters. God has been moving and true gratefulness is seeing those works that He is doing and letting other people see and experience that great work and miracle through love and witnessing. We have a God who journeys with us, He is involved and alive in our life. He wants to continue to affirm us of that constant message of love. Today, i share with all of you that message i receive from him, the invitation to "COME" and experience Him, and the direction to "GO" and share Him to every person that we meet. May today be an opportunity to encounter Him even more, and in this encounter we grow deeper in our love of Him manifested in the kind of respond with give to Him and to His people.

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