Real Education

Decided to go back to school to study deeper my faith, studying to understand more how and in what ways i can serve God even more. To understand His life, teaching and mission. To make His word real in my life, to live it out, and share it to others. Sometimes i would wonder, what is more important, the amount of grade you will get? the academic side of it? or the nourishment and relationship that you build with God along the way? This i believe are realities that i face, probably, not just me but some more others. How i wish to both be nourished and have a high grade all at the same time. But i guess, the real victory is not the grade or academic achievement you will get, but the discovery of the wealth of the Catholic faith, the wealth of Christ teaching, His life and ways of relating with both the rich, the poor and marginalized. If only i would put to practice, live out, and witness what i learn, i can honestly say, i have more than a grade of uno. After all, this study is all about that desire to know Him more and to live for Him. In John it says " Remain in me, for if you remain in me and my WORDS remain in you, as for anything that you want, i will give it to you".

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