The Lord never forgets

I often encounter people who have troubles in life, failed relationship, problem amongst siblings, trouble in business, struggles in career, to name a few, a lot of times, people would say, “ why is it when you get closer to God, more and more you get to encounter problems and challenges. Being part of a lay community for many years made me realized that problems do come and go, being in a Christian community doesn’t really make you exempted in encountering problems, we all have a share of frustration and trials in life, but what I can say is that, when you are with God, and you make Him the center of your life, no matter how huge the problem is, you can go through it and pass through it with high hopes, knowing that you have a God that is bigger than your problems.

The Israelites where led by Moses to the promise land, they where promised by God that He will take care of them, along the way, at the course of the journey, they doubted, when hard times came, no water and food, they forgot that the Lord has promised them, instead, they complained, and accused God that He had abandoned them. Just like the Israelites, we are forgetful people, we forgot that there is a God that keeps promises, the great promise keeper, and His answer to every prayer is absolute, clear as a crystal, we just have to be patient, and faithful, so that we may endure.

We have a God that never cease to give His best for His precious creation, we are Gods crown of creation, may we not forget that identity no matter what comes along our way

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