Only God can Satisfy

We have a great God, a God who is always in control, mindful of our needs, and concern with our well being. He is a God who never stop to seek, extend. And reach out to His people.

In a world were pleasure and leisure is of prime want, people tend to seek fame, freedom, advantages, favors, even sometimes at the expense of the people around us, forgetting what is essential, and what is of value, we are forgetting the essence of family, and the essence of letting people see the greater value of life, a life that is centered, focus and grounded on God.
You see satisfaction? Only in Him you can achieve it, to the God who doesn’t demand, to a God that never question, to a God that never judged! He is, and the only source of satisfaction. Only in Him we can find inner joy and happiness.

Today, may we be able to find and experience that satisfaction, for us to live for Him and in Him, to seek the greater reward of being with Him, knowing and mindful that we have Him in our life. May in these satisfaction, others may also see, especially the poor, that they have a God that they can trust, a God who desires the best for us, a God who can satisfy every single need that we need and aspire for.

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