Win the morning, you win the day

I think the best part of the day is the morning, where the breeze of the wind is cool, where you look forward to a day with great anticipation of what`s ahead. Morning is also an opportunity to set your day, when you wake up in the right side of the bed, they say, that you have a good day, but if on the other side, then it is the opposite. But thus it really matter? or would it be a posture of heart, the decision, and the desire, that this day will be great.

How do you start your day? Or how do you wish to start your day. Share to you my routine in the morning, wake up at 6am, stay in the bed for another 15 minutes, go to the toilet and brush teeth, dress up to go biking or running, then go back after an hour, prepare for morning prayer, get the guitar, look for the song book, and start opening the scripture, after which, go take a shower, eat breakfast, dress up for work, and get out of the house. Basically, that is my daily morning routine. They say, you win the morning, you win the day, when your emotional, spiritual and physical state is in proper order and condition, you face the day mindful, grateful, and thankful of the many things God has provided for the day. For the opportunities, and events that come along the day, whether it falls in your favor or not. Your being grateful transcend to your views and ways of dealing with things.

May today’s journey, make you even more closer to God, as you face life grateful of the many things He has prepared for us. May today be a journey of knowing that He is in control, may today be an opportunity to declare, that this day is His. Try to set your goals, routine, ways of doing and desire before doing anything, open your scripture first moment of the day, and surrender yourself to God. I tell you, you win the morning, you win the day, may this statement be a life time statement for us, that desire of winning this day for Christ.

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