I decrease, He increases

Life devoted to Christ, a life of humility.

Everyday is a journey to that desire of humility, with all the blitz and pieces of life, with all its comfort, fame, leasure, and life of comfort this world is offering. The difficulty of allowing God to reign in our life. With the world teaching us to be great, we fail to recognized the source of all this plenty. Just like the Israelites, our greatest sickness is forgetfulness.
Decreasing, so that He can increase, opening ourselves, so that He can come in, allowing Him in our life, so that He can manifest. I guess, in the present life, that is the greatest challenge, humbling ourselves, acknowledging someone to His great work, working with people better than us. At the same time, telling ourselves that I cannot do this without God. Making Him the priority more than anything else. Putting Him at the very core of our lives, allowing Him to reign in our life.

Everyday, I remind myself of this value, everyday, I come before God, and ask the Lord to take control of my life today, for others to see Him through the actions that I do, for Him to use me in ways that He knows, and not the ways that I know. To move the way He wants me to move, and not the way I want.

May today’s walk with God bring us to that encounter of Jesus, were deep inside our hearts we can say that “may I decrease, and He increased “. May today’s journey make us to even more in love with God, humble, patient, and obedient to His will and His plan in our lives, and may that conviction transcend in the kind of life with live in, in dealing with people, and in issues, situation, and events that we will encounter today.

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