State of Life

It has been 5 years since me and my wife claimed our vocation in life, being married is such a gift. Having met the person that God has prepared for you is such a gift, and building a family that is totally devoted to Christ is such a privileged.

We are all called to a life that is devoted to God, every vocation must lead to that deeper want and desire to grow intimately in loving the Great I Am, the God who is the source of all, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

Working with the group of young people made me more eager to guide, shepherd and assist them to a life vocation that God has prepared for them. Everyday is an opportunity to discover that gift, everyday is an opportunity too to deepen, nourish, and strengthen that gift.

Today is a great opportunity to do that, may we be able to find God, our vocation, and guide people to that direction of life, where everything points to the one source, the Lord of all Jesus Christ.

We journey today, opening our hearts, not to what we want, but to what God wants for us. Delighting in the presence of God, and claiming the gift of vocation God has prepared for each one of us.

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