Serving the Poor

Attended the Pondo ng Pinoy anniversary, to my surprise, the whole cuneta astrodome are filled with so much people (considering that its a weekday), and they are not just people that were just asked to go, but they are the one that where convicted of the principles of pondo ng pinoy, they are the ones that are convicted of its cause.

As i observe, more and more i got the desire of understanding more what they do, and their ways of helping the least of the people around us, those who are not receiving what is due of them in accordance to Gods plan. While listening to the Homily of the Good Cardinal, more and more that i feel my heart burning with a desire, passion, and willingness to give and serve the poor, more so, when he said that helping the poor is not about the amount of money that you give, or the kind of giving that you do, but the kind of disposition while you give, by the kind of recognition of Gods ways in your life, and by doing that, automatically you give, because you have received.

The Cardinal said " Anumang magaling, kahit maliit, basta malimit, patungong langit ", statement that put a mark in my heart, truly, its not the amount that you give, we should not be limited by are circumstances, financial realities and disposition in life, a centavo can make a big difference.

I went home with so much, this time more convicted, sensitive, and mindful of the many things God is doing in my own life, i realized the kind of giving Jesus gave to me, limitless, and boundless. My prayer is that i can give without limits and without bounds, so that truly i can say, that Jesus is in my life.

God is knocking in your doors, you can be a blessing to others, only if you realized the blessings that God gave your life.

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