The Church as guide to morality

I believe that it is very hard to separate the Church and the State, the Church is the guidepost for morality, we are bounded by moral rules and obligation, we cannot just say that the rules of the Church is different from the rules of the state. Just like the issue of life, we cannot just say that it should be implemented or followed just because it is a state law and its interpretation of over population. In scriptures, it is stated that we are all part of the body, that the body is composed of many parts, and those parts function not just for itself, but for the good of the whole body. As far as im concern, the principle is the same, we are all part of the Church, we are part of a society that has rules and regulation. The Church is the voice of reason, the conscience that leads us to distinguish what is good and bad, the Church is the one that guides when it comes to addressing spiritual needs together with what is moral in the teaching of God, while the State is the one that sets government rules and guidelines to follow for a peaceful society. Both should fulfill the mandate given to both institution. Personally, i believe that we should be grounded in all decision, rules, and guidelines that we do by the teaching of God establish through His Church, manifested in the society that we all live in.

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