Gods abundance felt by many

Yesterday was a a momentous event in the life of the ministry that i am part of, the collaboration to bring and share more to those in need somehow was being affirmed and recognized, i believe that we all have a role to play when it comes to the way we relate and share what we have to those in need, to the oppress and captives of their own limitation. As Gods children, we are bound to care for each other, well, naturally that should be the case, but unfortunately, this is not happening, while many gain so much and receive much, many also suffer, die of hunger, begging for attention. Many are not receiving what is due of them as a true son and daughter of God. I believe that we have a role to play in all this, but helping others should start from personal recognition, recognizing that we are blessed and that blessing comes from God the Father, that all the we have are His. With this realization, more and more we have the reason to be grateful, and that gratefulness are felt by how we treat, care, share and live what we have with others. We should be bound to be blessing to others, for others to feel and experience the God who is the source of all. We are called to bring glad tidings to the poor.

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