Listening and obeying

Weekend mission is a good opportunity to be reminded of the importance of being in the ground, the importance of being personal with the people that you serve. It is always a good time to get to know reality and to find ways of how to deal with it. The Lord has called us to follow Him, and in that following, the Lord is not expecting extra ordinary things from us, He just want us to be with Him, the call to follow Him clearly, nearly, dearly. We are called to respond in a manner of trust and surrender. I thank the Lord for this wonderful time to just be with brothers and sisters, i realized that after all community is not perfect, we have troubles here and there, we have challenges that we have to face, we have realities that we have to deal with, but, on top of it all, we have a God who is bigger than everything. Today i was reminded to listen, pause, and situate where God is leading me in that desire to follow Him. Today i encourage you to stop and pause, to listen and hear what the Lord is saying and telling. We are called to be with Him. We are called to remain.

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