Drawing the line

Where do you actually draw the line? it has been months that we are lingering the many ups and downs of everyday reality, we have heard key individuals telling us what the reality is, many has ignored, many has put a silent ears, while some are troubled and confused. Many still i believe are convicted by the cause, many are still trying its best to make things happen, but with the seems to be a no plan no reaction game plan, i dont know if we can actually pull this through, im not sure if we can still go are way towards that goal where He is leading us. Well, its not yet late, we can still do it, but we need to decide and work now. for myself, i guess its time to pray again, to seek and discern where God truly is leading me. Life has been difficult, but its that reward of knowing you are sacrificing for Him that makes the whole thing fruitful and joyful, today, can we actually say that everything is worth it? are the sacrifices worth it? that i have to ask myself again. God have mercy on us.

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