Never forget the Poor

We all have dreams and desire. We always wanted to get the best and utilized the many gifts that God has blessed us. We have everyday goals that we wanted to achieve and accomplished. For most of the people i know, we discern for what is better for us, what career to take, to continue with what we are doing or change the plan for the better, changes is necessary for us to grow in maturity both for personal and spiritual. While we wanted to aim for the best, achieve our dreams, and bring out the best in us, let us not forget those who needed to hear the good news, those who are deprived of what is due of them in accordance to Gods plan and design. We are called to share and give what we have, to die for oneself so that the poor get to experience Gods love and abundance, we are called to live for others, to not forget that we have brothers and sisters who experienced life in a different circumstance and reality, i say that while we claim and achieve our dreams, aspiration and goals in life, let us never forget the poor, they are essential in the life that we have. I always believe that they dont owe us anything, but instead we owe something to them, that because of them we get to be better person and follower of Christ. At the end, we thank the poor for making us experience Gods fullness by serving them, the least, oppressed, captives, lame, blind, the poor. That while we share Christ to them, we get to experience Christ within us, by serving them, we experience the best of both worlds.

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  1. allow me to share this quote from Gustavo Gutierrez' "A THEOLOGY OF LIBERATION"

    “If there is no friendship with the poor and no sharing of the life of the poor, then there is no authentic commitment to liberation, because love exists only among equals.”

    theres something in your writings that hits home pat... nurture the gift and keep on touching lives. thanks for sharing this pat. God bless...