Today we await the coming of the 3rd member of the family. It was a mixed of emotion, happy, anxious, nervous, and excited. The join is just overwhelming, i remember the very first time i hold reese in my arms, the gift of fatherhood i felt and the joy of seeing such wonderful gift and the fulfillment of the promise the Lord has stated. Seeing reese grow as a fine kid made me more grateful of such gift, truly a joy and source of all hope and promise. Gia arrives and the feeling is the same, overjoyed by the fact that i have 2 wonderful kids in my hands, the gift of pastoring this kids and nurturing them to be a good follower and child of God is just a wonderful thought to think about, Reese and Gia are both blessing and reminder to me. Now, for the 3rd time im in this situation, in a hospital, restless, anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time, awaiting the coming of the gift that the Lord has promised, im excited to see and hold mia, all of my kids are part of the plan and fulfillment of the promise of the Lord. Truly, all the waiting are all worth it, the joyful anticipation of whats ahead makes you even more grounded to the fact that only in Him we can trust. That only in Him we can draw strength, the source of all hope, promise and graces. I continue to cling on Gods love, promise, grace and providence. He is in control.

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