Best version of ourselves

We can always be the best version of ourself. We all have habits, and are everyday habit can dictate what our day would be, for some a good morning starts with a hot coffee, for others a hot pancakes, while for some silent moment in prayer and eucharist. Our habit affects the way we think and act on certain situation. For those who are exercise freak a 3 to 5k run is a dose of relaxation and stress reliever. But even if we have regular routines that we do everyday, we can still give and improve ourself to be better in what we do, a 5k runner can always achieve a 10k, a 5 min prayer time can be improve to a 15 minute moment with God. The good work that we do in the office can always be better, the way we relate with our neighbor can evolved from just looking at them to making a difference in their lives. We can always choose to be better in what we do, to be the best version of ourself. Start today!

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